Devices which carry out electrical operations by using moving parts are known as electromechanical. Strictly speaking, a manually operated switch is an electromechanical component, but the term is usually understood to refer to devices which involve an electrical signal to create mechanical movement, or mechanical movement to create an electric signal. Often involving electromagnetic principles such as in relays, which allow a voltage or current to control other, usually isolated circuit voltage or current by mechanically switching sets of contacts, and solenoids, by which a voltage can actuate a moving linkage as in solenoid valves.

Substation & Transformer Works

  • Installation of 11 K V, 132 K V, 220 K V Substation.
  • Complete Relay Calculation Study.
  • Cabling Work and Termination for Transformers, Package Units, QRM and TRM’s.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Switchgears, ATS panels, DMS Interface Cubicle.
  • Supply & Installation of Electrical Transformers.

Generator & Low Voltage Works:
Maintenance of All Kinds of Power generators.

  • Supply & Installation of All Kinds of Power Generators.
  • Supply & Installation of ATS (Auto Transfer Switch).
  • Supply and I nstallation of S treet Lights, Removal of Old S treet Lights.
  • Supply and Installation of LV Cable, DB, SMDB, Earthing systems.
  • Cable Pulling, Socket Installation, Piping and Chipping Works in High Rise Building.

Our team has consolidated his experience after having finished successful realizations. We have vast cable pulling and substation experience to add to our knowledge base.

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